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Porterdale, GA

Loan Amount


Deal Description

This deal had a unique story it a large 200+ acre plot of land that will have a multitude of different phases made up of Multifamily, Single Family and Townhomes. We successfully structured a loan in which we leverage all the existing capital they created through owning the land and was able to get a 100% funded vehicle that will fund the rest of the horizontal & vertical development of the single family component of the master project. This was a good example of using more unconventional lending solutions that better fit the borrower needs on this project

Property Location

Porterdale, GA

 Quick Stats 
Partner Type

Debt Fund

Program Type

Hard Money

Program details

- LTC: 90%
- Rate: 8.8%
- Term-3yr term (floating)
- IO Period - Full Term
- Non-recourse (W/ Completion Guarantee)

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