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Princeton Medical

Princeton, NJ

Loan Amount


Deal Description

We brought our client a debt and equity solution. We financed at 70% LTV with a local bank and brought LP equity at a 90/10 split. LP check was around $4,000,000 and it came from one of our South African Private Equity firms we represent. This was the third deal in 18 months which was closed with this JV partner and local sponsor. Our firm puts a major emphasis on not only identifying the right partner for the deal but more importantly securing the right partner that our client can grow a long term with.

Property Location

Princeton, NJ

 Quick Stats 
Partner Type

Private Equity

Program Type

JV Equity

Program details

- LTV: 65%
- Rate: 4.25%
- Term-5yr (Fixed)
- IO Period - 2yr
- Non-recourse

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