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NNN LabCorp

Port Richey, FL, USA

Loan Amount


Deal Description

The deal was signed up with a relationship banking partner in early Q1 2022 in the high 3% range. The financing had been contingent on Labcorp - the anchor tenant - renewing their lease. Due to volatile market conditions it took upwards of 6 months to secure the Labcorp lease renewal. Our banking partner maintained engaged throughout the process and was able to close the deal at the end of summer 2022 with a competitive below market rate in the mid 4%.

Property Location

Port Richey, FL, USA

 Quick Stats 
Partner Type


Program Type

Perm Loan

Program details

- LTV: 65%
- Rate: 4.5%
- Term- 5yr Term
- 25yr Amortization
- Non- Recourse

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