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Last Mile Logistics Industrial Subscription Facility


Loan Amount


Deal Description

A $100M equity bridge facility was structured with one of the top five banks in the US. They provided funding based on our clients institutional investor commitments. The subscription facility allows for the borrower to have full access to the $100M day one as long as they maintain at all times a 90% LTV ratio against the institutional investor commitments. The funds can be used for whatever purpose the client would see fit (mainly for the purpose of acquiring properties all cash) and there is no Underwriting process the borrower has to go through to draw on the funds ongoing. The facility is a on 12 month revolving schedule and was priced at 2.5% rate.

Property Location


 Quick Stats 
Partner Type


Program Type

Subscription Facility

Program details

- LTV: 90%

- Rate: 2.5% (Floating)

- Term: 12 month (Revolver)

- Full Term IO

- Recourse

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