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LA Sienna Apartments

La Sienna, TX

Loan Amount


Deal Description

Secured a HUD solution for a portfolio of two Multi Family properties in Fayetteville, NC. for one of our strong MF operations. Due to the uniqueness of the HUD product the client was able to lock in extremely attractive rates for the next 40yrs, which will give them a tremendous advantage when marketing to buyers in the future. Although these HUD executions can take longer then traditional loan execution the end product is very much worth the wait. For a portfolio of two MF properties (500 units). On this deal we also successfully secured the necessary LP equity the Developer needed to close on the project. The equity was sourced from capital partners out of Hong Kong.

Property Location

La Sienna, TX

 Quick Stats 
Partner Type


Program Type

D4 HUD Construction Loan

Program details

- LTC: 85%
- Rate: 2.65%
- Term- 40yr (Fixed)
- IO Period - NA
- Non-recourse

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