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Fort Bragg (Multi Family) Portfolio

Fort Bragg, NC

Loan Amount


Deal Description

Brought Bridge to HUD solution for one of our strong MF Sponsors. For a portfolio of two MF properties (500 units) at a deal size of $62M. We were able to secure an extremely attractive bridge loan at 85% LTV, with an all-in rate coupon of 4%, full IO, with only a .25% lender origination fee. We ran the HUD process in parallel and will have the bridge loan until the HUD is funded and will refinance out the bridge. This was a particularly unique deal because Kay Finance actually introduced the deal to our client knowing that this may be an off market opportunity that would suit this particular sponsor.

Property Location

Fort Bragg, NC

 Quick Stats 
Partner Type

Debt Fund

Program Type

Light Transitional Bridge Loan

Program details

- LTV: 85%
- Rate: 4%
- Term- 2 -1+1 (extension)
- IO Period - Full Term
- Non-recourse

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