Credit Facilities

Kay Finance's ability to structure credit facilities has created major value to clients who are focused on scaling and aggregating a specific strategy and /or asset type on an institutional level.

Our firm has been structuring credit facility solutions for our various clients for the last half decade. The credit facility program allows us to maximize our creativity, when trying to "tailor make" the best suited loan for a given borrower's focused investment strategy.


The goal of any credit facility is to give the borrower ultimate flexibility when looking to acquire properties "at scale", by offering things such as committed amounts of financing, locked in interest rates, full term interest only periods, flexible pre-pay, ability to close on deals within 10 business days and much more.. 


We have been privileged to represent some major clients of ours and have successfully placed over $1.5B of credit facility business to date. We take great pride in our ability to assist our clients in the ability scale with great efficiency and speed due to these structured facilities.


Credit facilities have a lot of moving parts and the process of attaining one is extensive. Our firm's goal is to both simplify & hand hold our clients through initial inception of strategy all the way through execution and ongoing use of a credit facility. 

See below examples of closed credit facilities:
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Industrial Area


Last Mile Logistics Industrial Unsecured Credit Facility

Quick Stats

- Location- Nationwide

- Partner Type- Bank

- Program Type- Credit Facility

-Loan details (LTV: 65% , Rate: 2.65%, Term- 3+1+1 (Extension), IO Period - Full Term, Non-recourse)

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Aerial view of typical multi-level apartment building with swimming pool, surrounded by gr


Last Mile Logistics Industrial Subscription Facility

Quick Stats

- Location- Nationwide

- Partner Type- Bank

- Program Type- Subscription Facility

- Facility details (LTV: 90% , Rate: 2.5%, Term- 12 month (revolver), IO Period - Full Term, Recourse