Foreign National Borrowers

Kay Finance's ability to represent foreing national borrowers who are actively growing their US Real Estate portfolios, has been a great niche for our firm over the last decade and continues to be a major ongoing focus of ours. 

Over the last Ten years Kay Finance has successfully originated over $500M+ of financing on behalf of our Foreign National Clients. These clients are spread out globally across several countries including; Israel, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Korea and China.


The properties financed varied in asset class including; Medical office, Industrial and Multi Family. 

As well have accomadated several strategy types including Income producing, value-add and ground up development.


Due to the typical profile of a foreign national borrower there are many nuances when trying to secure competitive financing regardless of strategy (i.e; Development , Value- add, Income producing). Being able to prepare our clients adequately to anticipate and answer any potential questions or materials we may need to have as support when securing the right financing.


Arguably, one of the most important aspects when representing a foreign national borrower is the ability to the "tell the story", part of the challenge of financing a foreign national borrower is that often they don't have a track record in the US that lenders tyypically like to see. Being able to frame the capabilities of the "borrower" and to create a point of reference for the lender to work of off is a key to our success.


Having offices in New York City, Israel, and South Africa, gives us a major advantage in understanding the local culture and helps us better navigate when representing these select foreign national borrowers.


We take tremendous pride being able to support our foreign national clients and give them both a "local feel"  they are used to with the added benefit of our "white gloved service" we offer to any of our US based clients.

See below examples of closed transactions:
gold crop.jpg
Industrial Area


Midwest Industrial Portfolio

Quick Stats

- Location- Midwest 

- Partner Type- Bank

- Program Type- Perm Loan

- Loan details (LTV: 65% , Rate: 4.25%, Term-5yr (Fixed), IO Period - 2yr , Non-recourse

gold crop.jpg
Aerial view of typical multi-level apartment building with swimming pool, surrounded by gr


Multi Family Developement

Quick Stats

- Location-  Porterdale, GA

- Partner Type- Debt Fund

- Program Type- Hard Money

- Loan details LTC: 90% , Rate: 8.8%, Term-3yr term (floating), IO Period - Full Term, Non-recourse (W/ Completion Guarantee)