Kay Equity

Kay Equity was established in 2018 with the goal to accommodate existing clients with the added benefit of securing high quality equity partners for transactions they are involved in.

Since inception we have done over $150M+ of equity placement, with a goal to increase that number significantly over the next few years. 


We have been fortunate to amass a network of over 200+ capital partners spanning several countries including United States, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Canada & Asia. 


The profile of our "capital partners" are made up of Private Equity, Family Office, and Institutional equity. These various investment platforms range from having an appetite for participating in check sizes as small as $1M and as large as $100M+, with a range of investment timelines, with some groups wanting to invest for 3-5yrs and others with outlooks up to 10 years. 


With our intimate understanding of our capital partners needs, are our goal is create a "win win" environment for both our clients and and our partners to ensure both a successful transaction, but more importantly and partnership that is programmatic in nature and is scalable long term.


We have two primary equity programs JV equity and Preferred equity, please see below their respective program flyers for more specifics on each program.

See below examples of closed transaction:
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Industrial Area


Parham Pointe Apartments

Quick Stats

This was a full capital stack solution excution. We were able to provide the client with a competitve Fannie Mae loan as well as palced an additional $3,200,000 of LP / JV equity from equity source based out of Israel. 

- Location-  Little Rock, AR

- Partner Type- Agency / Private Equity

- Program Type- Perm Loan + JV Equity

- Loan details LTV: 80% , Rate: 4.45%, Term-10r (Fixed), IO Period - 5yr Term, Non-recourse

 Equity Details (Equity Split: 90/10 , Promote: 50/50 at a certain hurdle Investment Term- 10yr 

gold crop.jpg
Aerial view of typical multi-level apartment building with swimming pool, surrounded by gr


Princeton B
Medical Office 

Quick Stats

We brought our client a debt and equity solution. We financed at 70% LTV with a local bank and brought LP equity at a 90/10 split. LP check was around $4,000,000 and it came from one of our South African Private Equity firms we represent. This was the third deal in 18 months which was closed with this JV partner and local sponsor. Our firm puts a major emphasis on not only identifying the right partner for the deal but more importantly securing the right partner that our client can grow a long term with.

- Location-  Princeton, NJ

- Partner Type- Private Equity

- Program Type- JV Equity

- Equity Details (Equity Split: 90/10 , Promote: 50/50 at a certain hurdle Investment Term- 10yr