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Carriage & Suburban

Syracuse, NY, USA

Loan Amount


Deal Description

With the Fed's announcing a .75 bps rate hike yesterday, I am really happy to announce our latest closing for one of our clients!

We were able to lock in a 4.45% interest rate fixed for 5 years with interest-only payments. Knowing that the hike was coming, our lender worked very hard to wrap up this deal before the scheduled closing date. With the volatility in the marketplace, time can kill deals but can also save you a lot of money if you work efficiently and quickly.

A massive thanks to our lending partner and sponsor team for working together to get this across the finish line!

Property Location

Syracuse, NY, USA

 Quick Stats 
Partner Type


Program Type

Perm Loan

Program details

- LTV: 78%
-Rate: 4.45% Term-5yr (Fixed)
-Full Term IO

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